Zombies on a cruise  (Mod)

Zombies on a cruise (Mod)

MOD APK Information of Zombies on a cruise

App Name Zombies on a cruise
Package Name com.sphulling.zoac
Rating ( 31 )
Installs 10,000+
Category Action, Games

Description of Zombies on a cruise for android

Zombies on a cruise is a single player survival strategy game set on a cruise ship that falls to Zombie Apocalypse after infection to co-passenger during shore excursion. Nothing can be more hostile and intense for Zombie Apocalypse than a closed environment like a cruise ship. Players begin the game with nothing to defend themselves and no protection whatsoever. To finish the game, they are required to escape to a remote island using a lifeboat.

Zombies on a cruise is a story about four high school friends going on a cruise to escape frigid winters of their tiny little home town. None of them have regular jobs and are utterly broke, but they want to experience luxuries and live like kings even for a moment.

Once on cruise, friends gorged on all you can eat buffets, strolled in the malls, enjoyed all the fun activities and finally basked in the sun just to realize the whole week is short to do everything on that fabulous cruise ship.

Friends had a great time snorkeling on a secluded island and they wished to remain there forever. But little did they know something else was getting back with them on the cruise ship.

Player wakes up late and realizes the roommate has gone missing. Quick peek outside the door and the player finds silhouettes of drunk people barely able to balance themselves and then it all begins …… survive, save friends, stock up and escape just like a real life survival challenge.

Saving oneself is straightforward, but life without friends won’t be fun. Player has to locate friends gone missing and escort them to safety. With no mechanism to communicate, the player has to scour through the ship to look for them. That won’t be easy when there is literally a boatful of hungry zombies waiting in aisles and gangways. But just escaping is not sufficient. To survive on the remote island before life becomes normal, the player must gather enough supplies from the ship. Unless the right amount of items are not stuffed, the lifeboat won’t be ready to launch.

The game is played across multiple floors (some are part of IAP). Game provides simple joystick navigation to move the player swiftly through aisles. During an emergency, always stick to the stairs and use stairs triggers to navigate between floors.

To simulate real life, the player has limited life and energy that needs to be replenished. Abundant food and water is left over at multiple places for the player to find and replenish energy. But to replenish health, the player will need medicines and first aid which could be hard to find and of course you will also need the coins.

The player can earn coins by defending against zombies. Zombies have different strengths, speed and lifespan, so each type of Zombie yields different amounts of coins. The player can start with self-defence and use karate to hit zombies, but it takes more energy and it’s less potent. The player can earn better weapons like Bats, Machetes, Hammers and Chain Saw depending upon difficulty level completed. Buying protection IAP provides protections such as Hazmat, Kevlar, Hockey, and Riot Gears to fight Zombie hordes. These defenses become available after passing certain levels. Both weapons and protection have useful life and those get destroyed after a certain number of zombie attacks.

Players need to collect a prescribed amount of supplies and stack those in hiding places. To simulate real life the player is allowed to carry only a limited amount of items in a backpack. The Player can not carry many items and also defend against zombies. That means the player must visit hiding places to drop supplies, change weapons and protections and more importantly heal to recover health.

Finally if everything goes well, the player can head to the marked lifeboat to make an escape with friends.

Please visit game wiki at https://www.zombiesonacruise.com/wiki
1. Released in 16 languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Italian, Filipino, Malay, Russian, Hindi, Thai, Indonesian
2. Improved Zombie algorithm
3. Big fixes to improve usability
4. Improved game instructions

Zombies on a cruise Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play com.sphulling.zoac


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