xStreamer Idle Stream Game  1.0.19 (Mod)

xStreamer Idle Stream Game 1.0.19 (Mod)

MOD APK Information of xStreamer - Livestream Simulator Clicker Game

App Name xStreamer - Livestream Simulator Clicker Game
Package Name br.com.tapps.xstreamer
Rating ( 17118 )
Installs 1,000,000+
Category Games, Simulation

Description of xStreamer - Livestream Simulator Clicker Game for android

Don’t just watch livestream channels: create your own in a viral game about a pro gamer!

In this technological influencer game, join the ranks of the esports streamers! Create funny, viral and exciting videos, show the world what a pro gamer can accomplish and gather a massive fandom of loyal followers!

Then, make even doper esports streams, rack up more views and start scoring some serious money in the most entertaining clicker game of all!

Of course, playing isn’t just a game. To reach your spot among the legends, you’ll need to survive the pro gamer battle royale. After all, viral games are what people look for online. But they need to decide which esport channel to follow in a daily basis. So you’d better prepare the best influencer game technique and become the true king of viral games in the esports segment.

Who said you couldn’t become a game tycoon playing idle games all day?

🎮STREAM viral games with classic idle games gameplay in your own esports channel and gather a massive online fandom! Make your subscribers twitch with adrenaline as they watch your clicker game prowess in action!
🎮GET more and more views and pay close attention to your followers’ chats to give them exactly what they want. As a result, you’ll start making BIG money and will become a famous game tycoon in idle games! Just be careful so that the fame of being the best in influencer games don’t go up your head. Otherwise, discord will be sown among your fans!
🎮UPGRADE your setup to make better esports streams, get your pro gamer title and send your subs number through the roof in a clicker game that will test your dexterity!
🎮CHOOSE among four game genres to stream and become a game tycoon: MOBA, FPS, RPG and Survival! Measure each one’s approval rate among your subscribers and use your skills in influencer games to maximize your impact and views!
🎮COMPLETE every Stream Goal and become the most talented game tycoon livestreamer on Stream.tv!

Put all your years of experience in idle games to good use and show the world how good you are in many kinds of games (clicker games included)!

Once you start your pro gamer streaming channel, there’s no going back: your fans will always be twitching for your next broadcast, and they won’t settle for ResidentSleeper worthy videos! You’ll have to deliver the best in idle games and clicker games to please your fandom!

Use all the money you earn to set yourself up with some SwiftChamp-level gear, listen to your subscribers and you’ll quickly rise through the viral livestreamer ranks and OWN Stream.tv like a true influencer game tycoon!

Draw your controllers and start streaming now!
Bug Fixes & Improvements

xStreamer – Livestream Simulator Clicker Game Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play br.com.tapps.xstreamer


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