Wild Animals Racing 3D  (Mod)

Wild Animals Racing 3D (Mod)

MOD APK Information of Wild Animals Racing 3D

App Name Wild Animals Racing 3D
Package Name com.egs.wild.animals.racing3D
Rating ( 2197 )
Installs 1,000,000+
Category Games, Simulation

Description of Wild Animals Racing 3D for android

You might have played many games of animals racing like dog racing or horse racing or horse cart racing and many more. But have you ever thought of playing a game of trained wild animals racing? We are presenting Wild Animals racing 3D to entertain you with a different experience of Animal Racing Game.
In Wild Animals Racing 3D different wild animals are trained very finely to compete each other for a race. These animals are most wild animals. Lion, Tiger, Leopard and Wolf are trained to run for a real race. There are different breeds of these wild animals too like white lion, Bengal Tiger, African Tiger, Asiatic Leopard, Arctic Wolf any many more. Simply you have to select your player animal and then its breed. Each wild Animal have its three breeds. First one is free you can choose it simply to play with other breeds you have to buy them using the coins you get on completion of each race.
Different modes of game play are there in this Wild Animal Racing Game. You may play quick race or tournament or one-to-one race with any other animal and also you can play checkpoint mode.
1. Quick Race:
In this Mode you have to defeat your opponent animals by securing top position among them. You will be rewarded with points which would help you to buy a faster and experienced breed of your player animal to compete with opponents. There are different levels in this mode. Once you complete a level you will be navigated to next level which have more thrill and excitement. Each level have different number of laps to be covered within a specific time. Tap faster and enjoy Real Wild Animal Racing Simulator.
2. Tournament:
Tournament mode is like an standard Tournament in which you have to maintain yourself intact in the tournament by securing the safer position to get promoted to next round. If you lose you will be knocked out. So you have to maintain your supremacy in order to become a champion of this thrilling and crazy wild animals racing game.
3. Challenge Mode:
In this mode you have the choice to challenge any breed of any wild animal then you have to win the race in order to become superior.
Run fast to establish your speed and racing experience over other wild animals. Tap fast to run faster and faster otherwise your opponents are fast enough to rule you out from the game. Be more energetic and motivated. Just select your player animal very wisely and get involved in to the very exciting and thrilling game play.
—Stunning Graphics
—Thrilling Sound Effects
—Engaging game play which will drive you crazy.
—Smooth AI of opponents
—Realistic 3D racing environment and beautiful racing track
—High Quality 3D Models of wild Animals

Wild Animals Racing 3D Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play com.egs.wild.animals.racing3D


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