Weapon stripping NoAds 76.362 (Mod)

Weapon stripping NoAds 76.362 (Mod)

MOD APK Information of Weapon stripping NoAds

App Name Weapon stripping NoAds
Package Name com.segasvd.WeaponFieldStripNoAds
Version 67.335
Rating ( 466 )
Requirement 4.1 and up
Updated 2020-06-20
Installs 10,000+
Category Games, Simulation

Description of Weapon stripping NoAds for android

This is NoAds version.

This game is a gun simulation wich allows you to assemble and disassemble (also know as field stripping) several firearms from different eras – the game includes assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, submachine guns, pistols, revolvers and shotguns.

Assembly and dissasembly are not the only things you can do. The firearms are fully operatable, you can learn how each one fires in different modes: automatic, burst (If the gun has the feature) and single fire. You can study how the guns work by deactivating some superficial features of the gun to show the mechanism and/or slowing down time to better understand the gun. You can also try to get the highest score amongst your friends.

This game is like your very own personal armory!

The firearms currently in game are:
– AK (also known as AK-47 or Kalashnikov Assault rifle)
– VSS Vintorez (special sniper rifle)
– AK-74M (as known as 5.45 mm Kalashnikov Assault rifle)
– SR-3M (special assault rifle)
– AKS-74U (the shortened Kalashnikov for special operations and police operations)
– M4A1 Carabine
– APS (Stechkin Automatic Pistol)
– APB (Silent automatic pistol)
– PM (Makarov Pistol)
– Glock 17
– M1911-A1 (aka Colt 1911)
– TT (Tulsky Tokarev pistol)
– PP-19 Bizon
– Steyr AUG
– MP-40
– PPS-43 (Sudaev SMG)
– StG-44 (Sturmgewehr 44, MP-43, MP-44)
– PPSh-41 (Shpagin SMG)
– SVD (Dragunov Sniper Rifle)
– Nagant revolver
– Thompson submachine gun (Tommy gun, Chicago typewriter )
– Mosin rifle
– DP-27 machine gun
– Mauser C96 M711
– Luger “Parabellum” P08
– Walther P38
– GSh-18
– M1 Garand
– M240 machine gun
– H&K G36
– Barrett M82A1
– H&K MP5
– FN P90
– Fyodorov Avtomat
– Uzi
– Mossberg 500
– Winchester M1873 ( Henry repeating rifle, lever action gun)
– PB (Silent Pistol)
– MG-42 machinegun
– PKM – Kalashnikov machinegun
– Walther PPK
– Colt New Service revolver (model 1909)
– SVT-40
– Mauser kar98k
– Beretta 92FS (M9)
– Desert Eagle
– PPK-42 (Kalashnikov experimental SMG)
– CZ 75
– STEn Mk.II
– SMLE (Lee-Enfield) MK.III
– Browning Hi-Power
– Saiga-12K
– Webley Mk.IV .38
– PYa pistol (MP-443)
– Ingram MAC-11
– FG-42
– Nambu type 14
– AK-12
– Colt Single Action Army (Peacemaker)
– SIG 516
– Benelli M4

New weapons from all over the world will keep being added to the game for you to play with and experiment.
v.67.335 – SA80 L85A2

version history:
v.66.x – Kriss Vector
v.65.x – FN FAL
v.64.x – Benelli M4
v.63.x – SIG 516
v.62.x – Colt Single Action Army (Peacemaker)
v.61.x – AK-12
v.60.x – Nambu type 14
v.59.x – FG-42
v.58.x – MAC-11
v.57.x – PYa pistol (MP-443)

Weapon stripping NoAds Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play com.segasvd.WeaponFieldStripNoAds


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