THE CHASER スチームパンクな世界観でパズルバトル!マッチ3の大人気戦略型パズルRPG  13.1.6 (Mod)

THE CHASER スチームパンクな世界観でパズルバトル!マッチ3の大人気戦略型パズルRPG 13.1.6 (Mod)

(4086)Games, Puzzle

MOD APK Information of THE CHASER -パズルRPGゲーム

App Name THE CHASER -パズルRPGゲーム
Package Name
Version 12.8.9
Rating ( 4086 )
Size 89.0 MB
Requirement Android 4.1+
Updated 2020-10-10
Installs 50,000+
Category Games, Puzzle

Description of THE CHASER -パズルRPGゲーム for android







【Android】OS 6.0以上
Let’s solve the mystery by reasoning the story with the puzzle RPG.
A puzzle solving puzzle RPG that you can enjoy while guessing the mystery.

[Puzzle RPG (Roleplaying Game) Recommended for Such Users]
・ I like puzzle RPG anyway
・ I want to play free reasoning games and puzzle solving games
・ I want to enjoy strategy puzzle RPG for free
・ We want to enjoy popular strategy puzzle RPG by easy operation
・ I like reasoning and mystery puzzle RPG
・ I would like to deduce and unravel the mystery story
・ I like to solve reasoning and mystery problems
・ I want to enjoy battle with puzzle RPG
・ I am looking for a simple one-stroke puzzle that I can do on my smartphone
・ There is not enough puzzle RPG game until now
・ I like reasoning and solving mysteries
・ I like to solve mysteries in reasoning adventure
・ I like suspense like reasoning ・ mystery solving escape game
・ I want to enjoy all role playing, puzzles, puzzle solving and reasoning games
・ We want to taste refreshing feeling with puzzle RPG
・ I want to enjoy both role playing and puzzles
・ I would like to experience the atmosphere by reasoning on unique suspense stories

[The reasoning and mystery solving puzzle RPG game in which Match 3 and RPG are fused]
A puzzle RPG with a sense of urgency that not only connects the same type of panels with a single stroke, but quickly defeats the enemies appearing on the panel surface.
If you do not delete the enemy quickly, the player’s HP will disappear and the game will be over.
As the enemy gets stronger as you move on the stage, it is the key to the puzzle cheats that the player’s ability and equipment are adjusted.
You can also compete your score in online rankings.

[Attractive character design by Mr. Wakamatsu Kaori]
We welcome Mr. Wakamatsu Kaori to character design, and it is a mystery RPG puzzle game in which each character is drawn attractively and uniquely. It is an important element forming the world view of this game.
Sophisticated and beautiful character design transcends the game and creates an atmosphere like a single painting.

【Main theme composed by Masato Koda】
With Ms. Masato Koda, who works on many games BGM, the main theme of this work expresses a profound view of the world.
The main theme that expresses the uneasy feelings of the heroine who decorates the main visual as opposed to the tension of strategy battle colors the world view of the puzzle RPG game as a whole.

[Worldview with a profound story and a steampunk mindset]
Express the whole world of puzzle RPG in a retro, steampunk atmosphere.
While an incident occurs where engineers are taken away in the city of the industrial city of Kildare, the protagonist who gets caught in the incident and the “agent” that protects it.
The reason why the true character of the mystery tracker and the main character are gradually being revealed.
I’m creating a puzzle UI one by one.

◆ ◆ 動作 Operating environment
[Android] OS 6.0 or more

THE CHASER -パズルRPGゲーム Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play


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