Stick Warfare: Blood Strike  7.3.0 (Mod)

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike 7.3.0 (Mod)

(19666)Action, Games

MOD APK Information of Stick Warfare: Blood Strike

App Name Stick Warfare: Blood Strike
Package Name me.modernator.stickWarfareBloodStrike
Rating ( 19666 )
Installs 1,000,000+
Category Action, Games

Description of Stick Warfare: Blood Strike for android

Join the hot, fast-paced Stick Figure’s gunfight!

Fight against enemy Stickmen armed with various weapons, and claim the victory!

Buy new guns, customize them, learn new skills, and raise the Perks’ level to enhance your combat abilities!

Avoid enemy attacks through quick decision and reaction, and defeat all enemies to win the battle!

Improve your Stickman and challenge harder difficulty!

Recent Update:
● New Game Mode: Pilot Rescue / Pilot Rescue Z
● New 30 Weapons Added!
● New Grenade: Bouncing Mine / Incendiary Bouncing Mine / Flame Bottle / Incendiary Grenade
● New Perks: Pyromaniac
● Heavy Weapons for Juggernaut Perk

Game Content:
● Easy Control: Avoid enemy attacks and shoot them!
● Unique and powerful Perks: The Gunslinger, specialized in Pistols and Revolvers, with fast reloading speed with high damage capacity, The Juggernaut, endure enemy attacks with high physical strength and defense abilities, The Rifleman, specialized in Assault Rifles, an excellent all-rounder weapon, The Shotgunner, powerful at close range combats, And the Assault Recon, specialized in avoiding enemy attacks and fight with SMG. The Machine Gunner specialized in fighting with LMG, and the Specialist, the perk with various combat bonuses. The Demolition, a powerful perk specialized using Explosive Weapons that can quickly destroy obstacles and vehicles, the Marksman, specialized in fighting with DMR, rapidly neutralizes multiple long-ranged targets, the Combat. Sniper, super-powerful long-ranged combat! And the Pyromaniac, great damage dealer with deadly flame weapons!
● Over 188 Unique Weapons: Automatic Pistols, Machine Pistols, Submachinegun, Assault Rifle, DMR, Light-machinegun, Shotguns, and now Grenade/Rocket Launchers! Now meet the Heavy Weapons: The Gatling Death Machine and 50 Caliber Machine Guns!
● More than 36 unique and useful skills: Physical skills that make your character more vital, Combat skills that enhance your combat capabilities, Defense skills that enhance your ability to survive longer, Luck skills that provide various gifts, and Avoidance skills reduce damage by avoiding enemy attacks!
● Is your character boring without a personality? Decorate yourself with a variety of hats and back cosmetics!
● Various Game Modes: Bodycount, Gun Game, Onslaught, Zombie Invasion, and more…!
● Global Leaderboard: Challenge your score with people in the world!
● Continuous Updates: New Weapons and Perks, Skills, and Game Modes!
– Increased healing amount of bandage from 25 to 50
– Increased healing amount of small first aid kit from 50 to 75
– Increased healing amount of first aid kit from 100 to 125
– Increased laser thickness
– Now Frag Grenade is given by default
– Updated Japanese

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play me.modernator.stickWarfareBloodStrike


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