Postknight 2  (Mod)

Postknight 2 (Mod)

MOD APK Information of Postknight 2

App Name Postknight 2
Package Name com.kurechii.postknight2
Installs 50,000+

Description of Postknight 2 for android

Postknight: A knight tasked with difficult and dangerous deliveries.

Adventure through treacherous trails and deliver to vivid characters with their own passions and struggles. Develop special bonds and create lasting memories with the sweethearts of Prism. Become a part of this fantasy world as you quest and make the tiniest of differences to the people you meet and the places you travel to.

Deliver and Become a Postknight
• Begin your journey as an inexperienced Postknight Trainee.
• Complete delivery quests and take exams to graduate as a Postknight.
• Rise up the ranks, up to the highest level of S-Rank Postknights.

Explore Prism and Develop Relationships
• From villages to cities, magical forests and cold mountains, experience the cultures and conflicts of the different lands of Prism.
• Meet all kinds of characters, each with their own stories of struggles and passion.
• Trade gifts and form bonds with certain special individuals.

Experiment and Tailor Your Playstyle
• Enter combat with 3 Skills: Attack, Defend, Recover.
• Change your Skills with different weapon types:
○ Combo Skills together with the versatile Sword and Shield.
○ Become a master of speed and reflexes by dual-wielding Daggers.
○ Strategise and time heavy attacks with the two-handed Hammer.
• Further fine-tune your Skills with different traits and develop unique playstyles!

Collect and Upgrade Everything
• Fight enemies and use their loot as materials to trade and craft with.
• Upgrade your gear into their greatest forms, both in power and appearance.
• Collect every item, armour, weapon, and memory from all over the world of Prism.

Download Postknight 2 and begin your delivery adventure now!

It is recommended to play Postknight 2 on a device with at least 2GB RAM. Playing on a device that does not meet the recommended requirements may result in subpar game performances.
Please check the in-game changelog for the full list!
• Slightly improved the memory usage to prevent hard crashes
• Added the ability to close the game using the native Back button
• Fixed an issue where the Alpha Tester Authentication Error was showing for certain players when it was not supposed to
• Fixed a game-breaking issue where a poison status would instantly defeat the postknight
• Various UI, visual and system improvements
• Various other bugfixes

Postknight 2 Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play com.kurechii.postknight2


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