My Fantasy Choose Your Romantic Interactive Story  1.8.0 (Mod)

My Fantasy Choose Your Romantic Interactive Story 1.8.0 (Mod)

MOD APK Information of My Fantasy: Choose Your Romantic Interactive Story

App Name My Fantasy: Choose Your Romantic Interactive Story
Package Name gmem.episode
Rating ( 888 )
Installs 100,000+

Description of My Fantasy: Choose Your Romantic Interactive Story for android

Tired of sappy plots and cardboard characters? Play My Fantasy and enjoy making and choosing your own unique and memorable interactive love stories!

MyFantasy is an interactive story telling game which brings reading romance novels to the next level and gives you a unique experience of full immersion into a adult drama story.

Here YOU will decide and choose where the narrative path will go! Create your own unique characters, make choices that affect the ending, focus on one love interest or have your way with any character, collect unique points and collectibles, compete with other players and have fun every day!

💃💃💃 Want to experience being a TV-show rising star? Make choices in ‘A million-dollar bachelorette’!

– Your sister assigns you with the impossible mission – to temporarily replace her at the popular TV-show “”Bachelorette””. Your boyfriend had just left you, you got fired from the job… It’s a life choice. When a million dollar prize is at stake, it’s hard to say no. Can you prove yourself worthy in front of thousands of viewers and find your true love? (Your choices affect the story ending!)

💋💋💋Interested in a simmering office romance? Your pick is ‘Hired for pleasure’!

– You’re having a horrible date with an unbearable guy at the bowling center. The sudden appearance of a gorgeous man – Aiden – saves your day. A spark runs between you two, but little do you know that soon he’s gonna be your new boss…Forbidden romance? It’s up to you.

😈😈😈Curious to try something unusual, mystery and spicy? ‘Make Me Yours’ novel will immerse you into a new world!

– You are afraid of letting anyone control your life. He is afraid to fall in love. When a spark runs between you both in a BDSM club, you step into a sexy battle with the most desired man in your life.

💇‍♀️Choose your APPEARANCE!
👙Choose your CLOTHES!
😍Choose your ANSWERS!
❤️Choose your ROMANCE!
🔥Choose your ACTIONS!
👸Choose your ENDING!
😈Choose your FANTASY!

My Fantasy is a choose your story narrative game and offers you dozens of unique romantic plots, love stories and genres! Play now and be the first to step into the adventures you will never forget!
Hey there, story lovers! We update our app on a regular basis to make your experience better and better. This My Fantasy update includes:

– UI Improvements and Redesign
– Bug Fixes
– User Experience Improvements

Thank you for choosing our game!

My Fantasy: Choose Your Romantic Interactive Story Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play gmem.episode


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