Leturn – RPG Offline Idle Defense  (Mod) 2.75

Leturn – RPG Offline Idle Defense (Mod) 2.75

MOD APK Information of Leturn - RPG Tower Defense of Magic

App Name Leturn - RPG Tower Defense of Magic
Package Name com.nijigames.leturn
Installs 10,000+

Description of Leturn - RPG Tower Defense of Magic for android

Be a wizard take part in epic magic battles to defend the magic kingdom and crush the forces of evil with a vast arsenal of wizard and magic spells at your command. Enjoy epic story you will never forget

In Leturn – Defense of Magic you will confront numerous enemies that siege and rush your magic kingdom in beautiful wild natural place — valleys, cavern, mountains, deserts, wastelands, forest and even floating islands.
Customizing your defensive strategy with different wizard and magic spells.

Leturn – Defense of Magic Features

✦ MAXIMIZE YOUR WIZARDS POWER with 30 wizard unique abilities
✦ PLAN YOUR STRATEGY! choose among very different wizard and magic spell
✦ 4 CLASS FOR EVERY WIZARD change your wizard to favorite class
✦ OVER 36 MAGIC SPELLS collect your favorite magic spells
✦ OVER 50 UNIQUE ENEMIES from goblin to dark mage each with their own unique attributes and ability! fantasy TD ( Tower Defense ) at its best.
✦ INTENSE BOSS FIGHTS with the kingdom rush greatest threats
✦ EXTRA GAME MODE enjoy different tower defense mode
✦ PLAY OFFLINE enjoy hours of gameplay anytime anywhere!

* Best Game Design – Indie Game Ignite Compfest XI *
* Fan Favourite weekly vote “Defense Up” – GDWC 2020 season*
* Top 50 best indie games – Game Prime Asia 2020*


The main character is Xenos Azriel, The red haired mage was trained by his father with strict and due to this. He was admitted as one of the most powerful fire wizard in Elym by the age of 14 thanks to his hard dedication.
In the world of Leturn, Elym is like most fantasy cities, a breathtaking view, high hills, floating island
over a lake and land rich in life. Grimefall is the largest city in Elym, a floating
metropolis housing a large majestic library and thus home to many wizards
from all over the world of Leturn. And then we have smaller towns below the
city for the earthwalkers, Esterda and Elio by the edge of the Great Lake.

Seinus, wielder of the Ifrit Remnant had harnessed its power to connect the
magical energy within the lands. He also created special keystones which
could be used at magical pillars to teleport and travel from one place to
another. Using the magical power granted by the Ifrit Remant, we are able to
use magic once again to harvest crops, build houses and do various things
that make life easier, just like the mages of old in the past.


✦ Elym is like most fantasy cities, a breathtaking view, high hills, floating island over a lake and land rich in life.
✦ Elio is smaller city below the Elym
✦ Ullecia lies atop the valley, inside the Tree of Yggdrasil.
✦ Vermilios the ocean city
✦ Aridolva forbidden isles
✦ White Haven that Snow falls lightly around the holy land


✦ Seinus is old, but uses magic to keep himself looking somewhat around the age of 70.
He is of average build. Wears glasses. Has a long staff.
✦ Sabine the sable rose dark mage
✦ Queen Cerceria is the queen of the elves on Ullecia
✦ Princess Rainella is the princess of the elves on Ullecia
✦ King Joren is the king of the sea
And more

If you’re ready to meet interesting characters, and cast your magic spells
Let’s join this OFFLINE Tower Defense RPG Game to defend the world of Leturn !
Pre-register on the Play Store and visit our website for more details at https://leturngame.com/

Connect with us on social media:

Contact us for any feedback, ideas, and other inquiries on:
[email protected]

Leturn is collaboration with Dreams Studio
– Elym cave level 4 Unlocked
– Adventure Hard mode Unlocked
– Increase tower max level to 100
– balancing
– bug fix
– Touch Attack

Leturn – RPG Tower Defense of Magic Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play com.nijigames.leturn


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