Legends of Eldritchwood: Hidden object game  0.23.14380 (Mod)

Legends of Eldritchwood: Hidden object game 0.23.14380 (Mod)

MOD APK Information of Legends of Eldritchwood

App Name Legends of Eldritchwood
Package Name com.crooto.loe
Installs 10,000+
Category Games, Puzzle

Description of Legends of Eldritchwood for android

This casual ride is meant to turn your life upside down. Once you see an ominous hooded figure on the sideline, you realize that your old path is over… There’s a new marvelous chapter ahead!

The unknown lands of Eldritchwood are welcoming you as their new hero – the Chosen One! Legends have foretold your arrival – you’re no ordinary person but their last hope!

Immerse into the Legends of Eldritchwood to discover:

● PUZZLES AND GAMES. Search for the clues and hints to reveal hidden object scenes and save a beautiful stranger trapped in a magical amulet!
● CLUES AND CREATURES. Meet delightful characters and chase mischievous Wood Spirits in every scene!
● NEW OVERWHELMING CHAPTERS. Explore new twists of this breathtaking journey. The mystery has just begun to untangle!
● THE TRUTH BEHIND YOUR STORY. Intriguing quests will lead you through the hidden secrets of your true past.

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Play and stay tuned!

IMPORTENT: Our team is currently working on optimization of the game to support devices with less than 1.5 RAM.
Dear adventurers, we’re happy to present you an update:
* Fixed game crashing at displaying victory screen
* Fixed game crashing at entering a location
* Fixed the error of looped match 3 element drop through portal
* Fixed the error in “Lady” Match 3 levels
* Fixed the error at “Shuffle” boost usage
* Fixed the error of claiming the reward for completing the Guild quest
* Increased maximum amount of symbols per message in chat
Hope this update makes the gameplay more enjoyable for you!

Legends of Eldritchwood Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play com.crooto.loe


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