Blood & Legend:Dragon King,hero mobile online game  1.6.15 (Mod)

Blood & Legend:Dragon King,hero mobile online game 1.6.15 (Mod)

MOD APK Information of Idle Legendary King-immortal destiny online game

App Name Idle Legendary King-immortal destiny online game
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Rating ( 7788 )
Installs 100,000+

Description of Idle Legendary King-immortal destiny online game for android

Idle Legendary King-immortal destiny massive multiplayer online game RPG
Relive classics, explore magical legends, free choice of classic professional tactics, and iron triangles to reproduce heroes!
No brothers are not legends, bring brothers to build the strongest gang! Exclusive set of domineering possessive body, cool pull wind power explosion!
The equipment depends on the fight, the ingots depend on the picking, the PK attacks the sand and wins the city, a copy of a hundred people on the same screen, the cross-service glory service battle, if you do not fight to fight!
Do n’t live without liver and krypton, fight for battle, time for ingots, how much to fight, how much to get, the dream that was not achieved when I was a boy, give it back to myself at this moment!

【Game Features】
◆ Place the legend and hang up freely
The vertical screen is easy to operate with one hand, the bus and subway can be opened and played, and BOSS can be played anytime and anywhere!
Intelligent AI hangs up, places at work and classes, easy leveling, synchronous chat, and truly liberate your hands!

◆ Dragon Soul Wings
The dragon soul is indestructible! Shock the screen and attack the magic skills to destroy the world!
Inherited suits, pulling the wind god wings, fighting hurricane, enjoy the worship of all people in the whole service!

◆ Free PK, rob equipment
Main city pk, wild PK, siege PK, cross-service PK, anytime, anywhere, if you want to fight, I will fight!
Free team, bloody red name, killing explosives, bloody stimulation!

◆ Fight BOSS, equipped with the ground
The classic legendary boss is re-engraved, challenging the system to upgrade!
Scattered spring, super high explosion rate, superb equipment, advanced skills to fight monsters, free trading as you like!

◆ Million Guilds, Dragon City Fight for Hegemony
Set up a guild, recruit heroes, brothers together, ten thousand people on the same screen, bloody attack on the sand! Fight for supremacy!
Ten thousand people battle for hegemony, seek the enemy for thousands of miles to win the enemy first level, defend the glory with unlimited PK!

◆ Cross-service battles, diverse gameplay
Compete across battlefields, form teams, and compete for higher rankings! Defend against the invasion of the devil world and get rich rewards!
There are more passionate bubble points, bloody battles, magical illusions, brave breakthroughs in the sky tower and other diverse gameplays waiting for you to challenge!

Idle Legendary King-immortal destiny online game Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play


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