Hex Puzzle – Super fun  (Mod)

Hex Puzzle – Super fun (Mod)

MOD APK Information of Hex Puzzle - Super fun

App Name Hex Puzzle - Super fun
Package Name com.codef.hexpuzzle
Rating ( 77 )
Installs 10,000+
Category Games, Puzzle

Description of Hex Puzzle - Super fun for android

Hex Puzzle is a brain training thinking game with simple, yet challenging puzzle game.
Challenge your brain with this mentally stimulating and addictive matching puzzle game that will exercise your mind for hours.

Easy to learn
– Just move the hex below the screen to the area
– Fill the entire row or column to get the score
– Just click the button in the upper right corner to undo the last move

Minimalist design
– Minimalist, all digital mark only let you at a glance!
– Fresh color, look for a long time will not be tired!

3 different modes
– Classic mode, traditional 1010 Hex mode
– Bomb mode, Remove the bomb in time
– Survival mode, Get a high score in limted time

Train your brain and develop your logic skills with a skill game that lets you combine blocks,
build and destroy structures by creating lines and test your mental skills with your friends by playing a series of addicting logic games.

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Download for free now! Enjoy strengthening your brain with Hex Puzzle!
“1.Notification BUG Fixed
2.Unnecessary code removed

Thanks for being with us ๐Ÿ˜€ And happy Chinese New Year!
We update the game regularly to make it better than before.
Make sure you download the last version and Enjoy the game!”

Hex Puzzle – Super fun Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play com.codef.hexpuzzle


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