Fantasy Cave D&D Style RPG  (Mod)

Fantasy Cave D&D Style RPG (Mod)

MOD APK Information of Fantasy Cave D&D Style RPG

App Name Fantasy Cave D&D Style RPG
Package Name ultima.fantasia
Rating ( 2300 )
Installs 50,000+

Description of Fantasy Cave D&D Style RPG for android

⚔️Create your team! Plan your adventure in this FREE Roguelike Dungeon Crawler with stunning monsters and items.

⚔️In this Mystery Dungeon, you will create characters from a choice of races, oversee their training in skills, and lead them into a mysterious dungeon on a mission of exploration, mapping, and looting. Along the way, you will encounter hundreds of exotic and terrifying creatures. As you venture deeper into the cave, you will discover rare and powerful artifacts. Don’t forget to enchant your items to advance. The deeper you explore, the more excitement and challenge you’ll find.

⚔️This dungeon exploration game takes many elements from classic roguelike games and is influenced by Mordor depth of dejenol. Death is not permanent like traditional roguelike but have a heavy penalty, items and dungeons are randomly generated. This game is made to be challenging and is actively supported by the developers.

Set in a fantasy land called Slime World, you to have to create your own team with specialized skills and try to descent into the cave. Being too hasty will probably end in death, except if you are lucky enough to find a town portal. Will you be strong, fast, resistant or have a strong mind…

Each monster is different than others, being able to identify a situation can save you lots of time. Better to run sometimes than to face someone stronger…

Items can be enchanted and become immensely stronger in the process. Each time an item is enchanted there is a small chance that the item rejects the new power and is destroy, evaporating into thin air. Losing items is part of the process of becoming stronger. It is said some that a warrior made a +12 sword of the night…

As you level up, you will become stronger and learn new skills that can help you survive in the dungeon.

° RPG Dungeon exploration game with hundreds of monsters and items
° No level limit, become as strong as you can
° Based on old classic games
° Actively being develop
° Set in the fantasy world of slimes and mythic creatures
bug fix

Fantasy Cave D&D Style RPG Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play ultima.fantasia


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