Drynk – Board and Drinking Game  3.0.1 (Mod)

Drynk – Board and Drinking Game 3.0.1 (Mod)

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MOD APK Information of Drynk – Board and Drinking Game

App Name Drynk – Board and Drinking Game
Package Name com.siwalusoftware.drynk
Rating ( 175 )
Installs 10,000+
Category Board, Games

Description of Drynk – Board and Drinking Game for android

Drynk is the perfect drinking game to play with your friends! Just roll the dice and explore more than 40 different challenges on the board.

Drink together

Drynk allows you to select from 14 different characters. This makes Drynk the perfect game, no matter if you are two people or if you celebrate together with several friends. If you feel like a night out, invite your friends over for pre-drinks with Drynk before you head over to the next club. Or simply as easy entertainment, if you just meet with friends at home.


NEW! Christmas Theme!

Just in time for Christmas, there is now a special Christmas edition that can be selected from the menu. This gives you access to new Christmas tasks in a festive atmosphere.



Each round in Drynk consists of 40 different fields containing individual tasks.
Here are some examples:

Snail Racing

Feel like at the racetrack, except that the pace is much slower. Each player bets any number of sips on one of the four participating snails. After a winner in the snail race was determined, all players who bet on the winning snail are allowed to distribute the double number of sips they have bet. The loosers must drink the number of sips they have bet.

Guessing Question

We show you a guessing question that everyone has to answer. The player with the answer that is furthest from the correct answer must drink. We already have more than 20 guessing questions for you and will constantly expand the available list of questions.

20 Questions

Everyone thinks up a celebrity for the player that jumped on the field. This player then has 20 questions to come up with this person. The questions may only be answered with yes or no. If the player does not come up with the celebrity, he or she has to drink. If you can’t think of any more celebrities, you can always ask for suggestions in the game. We have listed several famous people for you and tried to take into account the geographical location of the game.

Higher or Lower

The player who jumped on the field will be shown a random card. Then, the player has to guess, if the next drawn card will be higher, lower or equal to the one that is shown. If the choise was wrong he or she must drink.

Coin Toss

This is a simple virtual coin toss where the player who jumped on the field decides if the coin will show heads or tails. If the decision was wrong he or she has to drink.

If I were you

All players can choose what the player who jumped on the field has to do. If the player doesn’t accept the challenge, he or she has to drink.


The player who jumped on the field chooses a teammate. Then he or she tries to express a displayed term only by using pantomime. If the teammate does not succeed in guessing the term, both drink.


The player who jumped on the field chooses a knowledge category or physical task. Then bids are placed clockwise (e.g. „I know 5 capital cities“). The person with the highest bid must perform. If the player misses the target, he or she has to drink, otherwise the one who couldn’t outbid the last bid.

Drink Buddy

The player who jumped on the field chooses a drink buddy. This drink buddy must drink whenever the player who jumped on the field has to drink for one round.


Some fields on the board do not contain tasks, but special events. For example, players can jump on fields that take them back or forth to another place on the board, but also skip a round.


Responsible Drinking

Please drink alcohol in a responsible manner, as the abuse of alcohol is harmful to health!
If a considerable amount of alcohol has already been consumed, the game will give you a note that it is recommended to take a break. We kindly ask you to respect these limits.
New Instagram follower guessing game.
Bug fixes and improvements 🍻🍹

Drynk – Board and Drinking Game Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play com.siwalusoftware.drynk


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