for android

Generally, place to keep records files 7 ( like quick ) are used to combine 10 multiple 6 files 7 into one, in order to make them more able to be taken about or compress 11 them to but for space . When a place to keep records is used to make distribution software 12, it is then named a software 12 process of parceling .As it turns out, Apks are a variant 13 of the come against ( java 14 place to keep records ) file 4 form and size, since a mass of android 1 is made in java 14 . All APKs are quick files 7 at their core 15, but they must have within addition of information 16 to rightly function 17 as a APK .So all APKs are goes quickly, But not all goes quickly are APKs . If you are of a questioning mind, you can crack open a APK file 4 and see what is inside .