Astracraft  (Mod)

Astracraft (Mod)

MOD APK Information of Astracraft

App Name Astracraft
Package Name com.netease.wxzcglobal
Rating ( 58292 )
Installs 1,000,000+
Category Adventure, Games

Description of Astracraft for android

Greetings, ARMS engineer!
Welcome to “Astracraft: 5V5 ARMS Tournament”. Glad to be protecting the peace of the galaxy with you! Death’s Legion vs. White Knights—Rivals of a millennium in the galaxy. A plot and war are brewing in the dark.War of the ARMS is about to unveil. You can start with the parts, build your ARMS and send them into battle. Gather your comrades into a team of 5 to join this epic galactic war against the unknown forces deep within the universe…

[Create an ARMS that soars the sky]
Put on powerful boosters, the latest glider tech, and turn into the angel of justice, ruler of the skies! Soar as high as you can, expand your field of view, and scour the land for prey and danger with eagle-like acuity. Once you find your target, aim, lock, and fire hundreds of laser-guided missiles to show your opponent the meaning of “shock and awe”!

[Build an ARMS with Full Power]
Rampage! The ARM Berserk has arrived in all its glory! Carry the game with your mad DPS, snipe the enemies from a thousand miles away! Homing AI missile clusters, artillery barrage, get your penta-kill now! Initiate Dark Energy Cannon under the rain of fire, pierce through the enemy ARMS with a single shot. With so much firepower, who’s going to stop me?

[Install an indestructible ARMS]
Strike from the shadows, bleed them without a trace. The greatest melee Assassin ARMS has arrived! Claymore of Light in one hand, Anti-matter Spray in the other. One-touch cloak, and engage your boosters for fast propulsion. A moment of negligence from your enemy will spell their doom! Release a Hallucinating Fog, attack from every angle, fast and deadly, leaving only sparks and scattered remains along your path…

[Assemble a heavy-armor ARMS]
To destroy or to protect? There’s only one choice on the life-or-death battlefield: Protect your teammates till death! Light Shield ON! Defend against all projectiles, absorb tonnes of damage! Release Special Plasma to help your teammates repair, send out Cunning Illusions to draw enemy fire. Create a miraculous comeback with the last drop of your energy!

5V5, ARMS, shootout, competitive play. Join your friends in this interstellar war that decides the fate of the universe.
Modify, enhance, improve your ARMS in a grinder of guns and steel.
Learn to cooperate with your teammates in your brushes the death.
Obliterate! Capture! Modify! Grow! Become the strongest ARMS force in the universe, become the invincible legend!

[Follow us]
Official Website:
[First Top Up Overhaul]
1. Reaching Tier-1 top up level with the first top up will grant the player with a Top Up Pack worth 1288 Crystals: 1 custom pack, Steampunk Component Package, and Shiny New Diamond Frame. Players can test the modules displayed in the First Top Up screen. Test them before choosing one.
2. After the follow-up top up screen appears, reaching Tier 3 top up in one transaction will grant players a Follow Up Reward worth up to 980 Crystals .

Astracraft Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play com.netease.wxzcglobal


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