2020 大總統:前進之路  1.171 (Mod)

2020 大總統:前進之路 1.171 (Mod)

10.0 (9390)Educational, Games

MOD APK Information of 2020 大總統:前進之路

App Name 2020 大總統:前進之路
Package Name com.m250k.President
Version 1.136
Rating 10.0 ( 9390 )
Size 93.4 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2020-11-25
Installs 100,000+
Category Educational, Games

Description of 2020 大總統:前進之路 for android

要選好總統,先玩大總統。下載,玩,贏,慶祝! 《2020 大總統》將帶你體驗刺激的選戰過程。



Hi,吃飽了嗎?我們是由兩個人,和一個小女兒組成的超迷你團隊,這次,我們為你帶來了款全新的小遊戲,《2020 大總統》。





《2020 大總統》從構思到製作花了好幾個月,但還有很多想法來不及完成,未來幾個月,希望你和妳,能夠常常打開我們的遊戲,看看我們又做了哪些新的、有趣的東西,我們將會跟著大家一起前進。


寫於 2019.06.25
To choose a president, play the big president first. Download, play, win, celebrate! “President 2020” will take you through the exciting election process.

Countdown to the election, you and your competitors are still inextricably indistinguishable. Now, you have to do your best to win the most supporters.

Author’s words:

Hi, are you full? We are an ultra-mini team consisting of two people and a little daughter. This time, we bring you a brand new mini-game, “President 2020”.

At the beginning, this theme was chosen in the hope that politicians would salute less and listen more to the concerns of the people.

At the same time, we also want the public to understand the plight of politicians during the campaign, that is, to balance everything, which is really not easy.

I like a theme picture drawn by my wife very much.

In fact, each candidate on the board has their own expertise and advantages. If we can cooperate with each other to maximize the advantages of each person, then we can certainly become a great country.

It took several months from conception to production for “Big President 2020”, but there are still many ideas to be completed. In the coming months, I hope you and you can often open our game and see what new, Interesting things, we will follow you along.

I hope the Republic of China and Taiwan can continue to be great. Let’s work together!

Written on 2019.06.25

2020 大總統:前進之路 Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play com.m250k.President


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