緊急SOS!池の水ぜんぶ抜く大作戦 ~ THE GAME ~  2.82 (Mod)

緊急SOS!池の水ぜんぶ抜く大作戦 ~ THE GAME ~ 2.82 (Mod)

MOD APK Information of 緊急SOS!池の水ぜんぶ抜く大作戦 ~ THE GAME ~

App Name 緊急SOS!池の水ぜんぶ抜く大作戦 ~ THE GAME ~
Package Name jp.co.kyotoma.Ikenomizu
Version 1.86
Rating ( 1711 )
Size 98.7 MB
Requirement Android 4.1+
Updated 2020-04-23
Installs 100,000+
Category Action, Games

Description of 緊急SOS!池の水ぜんぶ抜く大作戦 ~ THE GAME ~ for android

番組でもお馴染みの外来種ハンター 静岡大学 加藤英明先生の監修で、生物のイラストや生態を学べる図鑑も充実!日本全国の池や湖の水を抜いて生物をたくさん救出しよう!








※アプリ『緊急SOS!池の水ぜんぶ抜く大作戦 ~ THE GAME ~』は


■『緊急SOS!池の水ぜんぶ抜く大作戦 ~ THE GAME ~』公式ページ

The popular TV program “Emergency SOS! Great watering out of the pond” is on the game!
The alien species hunters familiar with the program, under the supervision of Professor Hideaki Kato of Shizuoka University, also have a pictorial book for studying biological illustrations and ecology! Drain water from ponds and lakes all over Japan to save a lot of life!

■ Choose a pond to drain the water!
Choose a pond to drain water from the pond list!
Famous lakes and large lakes from all over Japan will also appear one after another!

■ Let’s drain the water of the pond!
Set the pump in the pond and drain the water!
With the passage of time the water will drain! (I will exit even if the application is closed!)
There are several types of pumps depending on the amount of water that escapes

■ I will rescue the creatures!
If the water in the pond is drained, let’s save the next life!
Organisms will be rescued using rescue items such as the familiar “Tamo-net” and “地 引” in the show!

■ Save the owner of the pond (rare fish)!
After starting to rescue the creatures, the pond owner will appear when you rescue a certain number of creatures!
Reduce the pond’s owner’s HP with rescue items and rescue within the time limit!
(Even if you run away by the pond’s lord, may it be easier to rescue the next time you try …?)

■ Let’s register the rescued creature in the illustrated book!
Organisms rescued in the pond will be registered in the picture book!
More than 100 kinds of creatures appear! Aim for the complete picture book!
※ Species of the creature will be increased by the update.

■ Rescue the creatures and increase their rank!
Rank goes up enough to rescue creatures!
When the rank goes up, you will be able to go to a new pond!

■ Let’s put the scenery of the pond you like in the album!
The scenery of the pond changes with the time to visit the pond including morning, noon, evening and night!
You can take your favorite views in photos and save them in an album!
If you can take a beautiful photo, you can publish it on SNS such as Twitter or Instagram!

※ App ‘Emergency SOS! The entire game of the pond’s water ~ THE GAME ~
You can enjoy it for free, but there is also some paid content.

■ Recommended for such people
・ I like TV Tokyo programs
・ We are watching the big game of removing water from the pond
・ I want to drain the water of the pond
・ I want to rescue living things
・ I like TV programs
・ I want to play a TV show game
・ I want to be familiar with living things
・ I want to play a game that gets smart just by playing
・ I want to play a game that I can feel free in a short time, such as moving time or clearance time
・ I want to play a game with narration
・ I’m interested in games with voice
・ I want to play a game to collect creatures
・ I want to do interesting action game
・ I want to play a game of a program that removes water from the pond
・ I want to play a free action game that can release stress in a little time
・ I want to play games that have learning, not simple games
・ I was looking for a game in which a large number of creatures appeared
・ I want to play not only a collection game but a game that contains an action
・ We are looking for games that can be played for a long time in games that can be played for free
・ I was looking for a game I could play with my children
・ I want to play in an action game that I can refresh in the intervals of study
・ I want to play a game that goes to a new stage every time I clear it
・ We are good at action games
・ Adults and children are looking for interesting games to play for free anyway

■ “Emergency SOS! The whole game of the pond’s water ~ The Game ~ ‘official page

© TV Tokyo
© TV Tokyo / Kyoto Tomato

緊急SOS!池の水ぜんぶ抜く大作戦 ~ THE GAME ~ Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play jp.co.kyotoma.Ikenomizu


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