山海有妖兽(国际版)  (Mod)

山海有妖兽(国际版) (Mod)

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App Name 山海有妖兽(国际版)
Package Name com.indie.shj.google.dny
Rating ( 1067 )
Installs 50,000+
Category Card, Games

Description of 山海有妖兽(国际版) for android







結識族友,集結誌士,互相信任,壹路同行, 征戰路上激情滿滿。與族友壹起征服奇幻異界,點燃PK熱血,稱霸全服萬人瞻仰!


★Warm Reminder★
※This software is classified as supplementary level 12 according to the game software management method
※This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items in the game.
※The content of this game involves violence (fighting), and the characters in the game wear clothing with prominent characteristics
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid obsessing

The mobile phone game “Monsters and Beasts in Mountains and Seas”, endorsed by #林明祯#, is coming soon! The game features a fantasy art style, combined with the monster strategy card game placed on the vertical screen, and 30 consecutive draws are given at the beginning, allowing you to easily lie down and win!

————Game Features———-

[Precious and exotic animals, super-real mountain and sea scenes restored]
A wild and wild animal, breaking through the ancient seal. The vast world of mountains and seas is full of rare and exotic animals. Conquer the ancient spirit beasts, summon your exclusive exotic beasts, and embark on a journey of conquering the wild!

[Free 30 consecutive games at the beginning, non-stop bonuses] Free 30 consecutive draws at the beginning, five-star limited monsters are free! The ultra-luxury lineup of monsters in the early stage, barrier-free clearance and monsters, burst damage smoothly and enjoyable!

[Vertical version hang up-one-handed operation]
The game adopts the real-time battle mode of auto-hanging machine, and the vertical screen one-handed operation mode allows you to release your hands and fight monsters and upgrade more easily. 3 minutes to get started, 5 minutes to put it down. On-hook upgrade is correct!

【Clan Alliance-Conquer Alien Beasts】
Get to know the family friends, gather people with lofty ideals, trust each other, walk one way, full of enthusiasm on the battle road. Conquer the fantasy world with your clan friends, ignite PK blood, and dominate the whole server to pay homage to thousands of people!

[Deep Sky System-Star Gazing Artifact, Strength Increase]
Provide a place for you to cultivate into a god, and greatly enhance your character’s strength through artifacts, stargazing, and practice!

[One hundred times the explosion rate, both mythical beasts and artifacts explode]
The top god outfits are dropped in the wild, and the super-rich hang-up rewards continue to flow. Reject the low treasure drop rate, the game’s 100 times equipment drop rate allows you to smash the sky, and the rewards are overwhelming.

山海有妖兽(国际版) Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play com.indie.shj.google.dny


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