冒険ダンジョン村2  (Mod)  1.1.2

冒険ダンジョン村2 (Mod) 1.1.2

MOD APK Information of 冒険ダンジョン村2

App Name 冒険ダンジョン村2
Package Name net.kairosoft.android.bouken2
Rating ( 1016 )
Installs 5,000+
Category Games, Simulation

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他のゲームは「カイロソフト」で検索してね。 https://kairopark.jp


The story of the brave begins in your city

Grasslands, snowy countries, and even the demon world! You can enjoy city planning with various maps. If you build facilities such as an inn, a weapon shop, and an armor shop, adventurers who have come to exterminate monsters will visit.

Give the adventurer equipment and items to support the quest strategy. Occasionally, a mysterious dungeon appears outside the city, and monsters also appear along with it. Defeat a lot and get money and experience points.

Furthermore, if the facilities, food, and nature of the city become more attractive, it will be recognized as a characteristic of the city and given a title. Some very rare titles …?

As the number of facilities and titles increases and the city becomes more popular, adventurers may come to their homes.
Many unique monsters have appeared in this work as well!

Some monsters will be a reliable companion for adventurers! ??
If you give a snack and raise the friendship level, you will be able to fight on monsters and your strength will increase.

Join various monsters and aim to clear advanced quests. Also, if you release the world map and meet the conditions, you can create a city on a new land.

If you move the land, new adventurers may come and you may meet strong monsters you haven’t seen yet …?

Aim for a vibrant, top-ranked city with lots of adventurers and fellow monsters.

Also supports touch scrolling and scaling.

Search for “Kairosoft” for other games. https://kairopark.jp
Lots of free games and sold-out apps that you might have played!
It’s a 2D pixel art Kairosoft game series.

Follow us on Twitter for the latest information.

冒険ダンジョン村2 Modded game free download for android also you can download from google play net.kairosoft.android.bouken2


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